Sunday, March 14, 2010


Okay i was just coming back home from Assunta Hospital @ PJ after visited my young bro who at the hosp for a further rest and he'll be coming back home soon. Of course i realize tht i frequently visit him now since the day i had finished my final exam.but i pity my mum has to overnight at there daily to take care my young bro and i hope tht he will get well soon =)this was my breakfast @ Assunta Hospital
(red bean cake, a slice of strawberry pie and a mango juice)
Last not least i really appreciate tht grandma coming from Ipoh to visit my young bro too. kinda valuable appreciation to grandma =D

Saturday, February 13, 2010


YEA... it's really a double happiness. Celebrating my birthday at Chinese New Year, it's really nice, coz i can get double angpaus HAHA... thx for the wishes from all my friends. but i gotta do revision for my final exam at the same time which coming soon after this CNY. erm gotta study!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


This is really an unpleasant feeling in mental and physical aspect.Afterall, i just can use 1 word to describe my day - CRAP. Feeling like standing around the trash with the extremely awful smell. A strong forces rolling inside my body and cause me feel tightness on the trachea region.WHAT A DAY, AIN'T BELONG TO ME,suffocating in a HELPLESS space even though it's fresh air circulate inside. DAMN IT!!!
I hope there'll be a piece of white paper.


Monday, February 1, 2010


Getting a new task without my knowing, it's a new one since i know YOU before but just long time didn't come out with a new task via YOU.hahaha....i know that everyone started to look at this with no idea on their head.Actually it's a subject itself. HAHA....
goin' to blurrr on this :Srest...

and finally i get released

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Having Pathology class today,first of all, i thought it was just an ordinary class. The lecturer of Pathology, Dato Dr Jega came in the class like usual but at last he finished his lecture as early as 30 mins before the class ended. on that moment i been told by other coursemates saying tht this was his final lecture class with us. erm... i don't have any idea to describe my feeling, it's a complicated feelings,coz we didn't have any other special interaction but it's pround to have him as our Pathology lecturer coz he's a very famous person in m'sia who still doing lots of research in medical field, even though you can find him on the web =D

The very last moment with Dr Jega, our Pathology Lecturer...

bye Dr Jega... we're going to remember the moments you with us and hope to see you again. =D

Thursday, January 14, 2010


My mind is freaking lost in concentration now. Nothing is comin' in my mind. Mmmm.... this phase looks so familiar to me. but i couldn't figure it out when i got this imagination?? =S just forget bout it. I should stuff my mind on what im studying since the early of this sem 2. i realize tht time flies in a quick n i gotta sit for the final exam. SIGH... but i gotta treat myself a better way all the time. Nothing goes wrong. TENSION - MY ENEMY

Sunday, January 3, 2010


HELLO 2010, you are coming now. Okay... i gotta go back to my coll life after 1 week holidays. Everytime when holidays are coming, im here to enjoy coz I LOVE HOLIDAYS. i wonder tht when is the holidays comin'. oooo... yea, it's around Chinese New Year, no longer LOL...